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We are a results driven Staffing Firm

GreenKiss Staffing Solutions (GKSS) was born out of a realization that there is an increasing deficit in the number of high quality employee service providers that can meet the demanding staffing needs of businesses of all sizes. With its combination of experienced executive staff, the best employees, extensive work safety precaution protocols and leading edge technology, GKSS was created to be the expert link for a growing company’s staffing needs.

What We Offer

Founded with a guiding principle of treating business relationships as partnerships, GKSS has since been able to successfully and continuously accomplish its mission of exceeding our clients’ needs and expectations.

Today, GKSS targets environmentally conscious companies with an emphasis on providing quality client relationships and quality job candidate searches. Every candidate search is thoughtfully executed with our client's objectives in mind. To this end, GKSS provides temporary laborers, professional staffing of temporary to permanent employment positions, targeted direct placements and medical service personnel throughout our operating territory.